• The perfect School for your Child

    International School

    at Creative International School we provide top-notch education, for
    pre-primary and students till Ninth Grade. The school follows IGCSE curriculum.
  • Helping Toddlers Learn Actions

    Educational Academy

    Verbs pose a challenge for toddlers because they describe actions rather than objects
    At Creative International School We Help Toddlers Learn Actions from Verb
  • Academic Excellence with Innovation

    Teaching Standard

    Creative International School combines academic excellence with an innovative and
    entrepreneurial approach to research, and help students to achieve a culture that engages
    and challenges students and staff in their pursuit of learning.
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Creative International School - Dammam
We build conscious, creative generation

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Creative International School

humbly started in September 2002 and was founded by Mr. HAMAD AL-ASKAR with great enthusiasm to provide quality education to expatriates. The school showed progress from the inception. We offer IGCSE Curriculum certified by the University of Cambridge. The school complex has beautifully planned for Nursery, Boys & Girls sections in separate areas. The arrangement for Computer Lab, Science Laboratory and library has been provided for Primary & Secondary sections separately.

Mr.Hamad Al Askar

If our perception, education is essentially for all. This is the fundamental basis for material, spiritual and all round development. Education has an acculturing role. It refines sensitivities and perceptions that contribute to the international cohesion, a scientific temper and independence of mind and spirit.Education develops manpower for different kinds of the economy.
It is also the substrate on which research and development flourish, being the ultimate guarantee for self machine.Our education system promotes equality and it is necessary to provide equal opportunities to all not only in access but also condition for success. Besides, awareness of the inherent equality of all will be created through the core curriculum.

Mr.Adbul Latheef Alsugufi

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Mrs. Mariam ALzoubi (Girls Section)

We believe that education should be an empowering process that allows and guides children to develop their passions, critical thinking, compassion, and orientation towards wisdom for timely action.
Education is an important tool that is applied in the contemporary world to succeed, as it mitigates the challenges which are faced in life. The knowledge gained through education enables individuals’ potential to be optimally utilized owing to training of the human mind.

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Key Features of Creative International School

Resource centre & community for Students
Huge Playground for Students
LabComputer Lab
Advanced Computer Lab for Students
Arts RoomArts Room
State of the Art Laboratory
Extra Curriculum Classes
Free Counselling for Students